Fossil Shell Flour Health Benefits

The amazing benefits of fossil shell flour

Medicinal solutions can be found anywhere around us, since Nature always had its ways of caring for us. The human factor did all the damage around us, leading to contamination and alteration of our day-to-day lives. Ironic, isn’t it? Everything, from the foods we eat and the air we breathe, is vulnerable to toxins and disease. The only viable and effective solution of such problem will be to turn our attention towards natural remedies. Using naturally occuring compounds such as fossil shell flour, also known as diatomaceous earth (DE), is the perfect way to maintain the ecological balance of our body and our habitat.

Any kind of products that causes environmental waste leads to immense health hazards. With time, if not eliminated, the wastes can even become capable of causing new diseases to appear. Fossil shell flour has been declared as one of the most environmental friendly compounds that is able to make our everyday lives much more safe and clean. It is widely known as fossil shell flour because the rocks are made of microscopic shells belonging to algae known as diatom.
Diatomaceous earth is obtained from diatomaceous sedimentary rocks that have formed thousands of years back. It is an amazing substance, a category of mineralized soft rock that can be easily transformed into a fine powder, also known as fossil flour.

Fossil shell flour offers a wide and diverse application in our everyday living. It is also useful in the industry sectors that are based on manufacturing agricultural, farming, filtration and cleaning products. Furthermore, it is extremely effective in soil management, heavy metal detoxification and pest control. In its form as diatomaceous earth, it is used as the most natural cleansing remedy for both humans and animals. It destroys worms and parasites living both inside and outside the body.

Fossil shell flour has gained its popularity as a great animal care product: medicinal fodder for livestock. It is also used to keep animals and pets free of ticks and parasite infestation. Diatomaceous earth eradicates all the harmful organisms and doesn’t cause any unnatural effect on the animals. This is in fact the most popular and safest insecticide and pesticide available to the world. The powder form of diatomaceous earth mixed with milled grains helps in keeping them free of pests and insects. It also keeps them free of unwanted moisture. Diatomaceous earth is a strong liquid absorbent and it keeps everything dry and intact without any sort of chemical action.

Lately, scientific research has successfully proved the important role of fossil shell flour as a natural solution against the intestinal worms and parasites. This compound is actually regarded much safer than other chemically synthesized medications used for combating worm infection. Apart from destroying the parasites, diatomaceous earth also helps in detoxifying the body by flushing out metallic toxins accumulated over a long period of time.
Although fossil shell flour is approved by FDA, it would be safer to discuss with a physician before testing any of its products.

Fossil Shell Flour Benefits

What is Fossil Shell Flour and what are its benefits?

Scientific studies have reported diatomaceous earth (DE) fossil shell flour to be a great absorbent of methyl mercury, endotoxins, organophosphate, drug and pesticide residues, E. coli, viruses and especially the polio one, and even the proteinaceous toxins produced by some intestinal infections.

Diatomaceous earth can be obtained form the thousand years old diatomaceous sedimentary rocks. The powdered diatomaceous earth, fossil shell flour, has its industrial uses since it’s of great help in manufacturing products for agricultural, filtration and cleansing, farming purposes. More than this, it has been used in heavy metal detoxification of infested soil and water, also pest control. The diatomaceous earth form of fossil shell flour it’s the greatest detoxifier for human and animal organisms.

Fossil shell flour started gaining its popularity as a detoxifier since many have used it as an animal care product and medicinal fodder for livestock. Parasites and ticks in animals are completely eliminated with this cleanser, especially since this form of diatomaceous earth doesn’t cause any kind of health problems in both animals and humans. Actually, detoxifiers obtained from diatomaceous earth rock are all 100% safe and not harmful. Since diatomaceous earth is also the most powerful natural absorbent, it is also a successful agent in keeping animals away from unwanted moisture. Fossil shell flour consists of 89-94% Silicon Dioxide and 28 trace minerals. This means more diatom surface area is available. More diatom surface means greater absorptive capacity. Fossil shell flour does not swell, does not absorb nutrients and poses no long term hazard when used as an anti-caking agent in your animal’s feed.

However, probably the most powerful ability of fossil shell flour is to completely eliminate intestinal worms and parasites. It is, in fact, regarded by the scientific world as the most safe and effective product of this kind. It works much better than other chemically manufactured products of its kind and the most important fact; it doesn’t cause any kind of side effects. Besides being able to get rid of parasites, fossil shell flour or diatomaceous earth is also the number one heavy metal detoxifier.

It is very important that we protect ourselves from the chaotic and intoxicated environment of this world by reducing consumption of chemical based substances as much as possible. By doing the contrary, we only worsen the problem of heavy metals and poisons intoxication. The manufacture of chemical products generates the toxic wastes, which are the main cause of our polluted environment. Diatomaceous earth has been widely used to cleanse toxic environments and it also may be the only solution to detoxify our bodies.

Fossil shell flour or diatomaceous earth is a feed additive. It is regulated under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for this purpose and the recommended dosage will be not to exceed 2% of the total diet. Mix it with water, juice, tea or smoothie before bed or first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. 1-3 tablespoons daily should be the correct amount for an adult, while 1 tablespoon is the dosage for children.